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My name is Denise. My boyfriend Rob and I bought your third last puppy from My Girl's May pups. You showed us around the horses as well and we were so amazed at how docile every single one of your animals was! We named our boy "Jessie", and it's not a surprise that he never ceases to amaze us either! He is so full of character! When we first got him home we considered naming him "rug" or "mop" because he would just lay! A few days later and the tables turned. He learned to chew, mostly on me! Now we are rethinking calling him "spinner". He gets so excited he jumps up and spins circles. A little unnerving considering he's about 125-130lbs!!!!!!! We take him to the dog park and he's always the star of the show. Nobody can believe that a dog his size can be standing and just jump so high, up off all fours like a cat, when he's playing. He is extremely loving and cudly but yet such an adventure. We are soooo happy with him! He's our pride and joy. We have just purchased an acreage and will also be in the market for horses. After seeing the temperament of your animals, we'll be seeing you about that as well. I told you when we got Jess that we'd send you pictures, here you go!!

Jessie and Denise

Rob and Jessie
Proud Owners

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